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Mother’s Day photo jar gift

Learn how to add a translucent image to a glass jar to create a sentimental gift for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so I thought I’d share a cute handmade Mother’s Day gift idea that you can customize in many different ways. Today we add a picture to a glass jar and fill it with delicious goodies for mum.

This post is sponsored by Hobby Lobby.

I like this gift because it hits the two main goals of a good Mother’s Day gift: it’s sentimental AND it’s something useful mom wants that she might not get for herself.

Ready to see how I made it? Let’s go!

Here are the supplies you need:

Materials needed

Instructions for use

Step 1: Measure the glass jar. The one I linked above is 17 inches in diameter and about 6.5 inches tall. You want to make sure you only use the image on the flat parts of the jar and don’t have any of the sticker hanging down on the bottom edge where it starts to curve, so it’s best to size your image just a little smaller than 6, 5 inches.

Step 2: Choose a favorite family photo, a photo of all the grandchildren, or any photo mom will love, and adjust it to size. I printed mine 6.3 inches by 11 inches. It doesn’t wrap all the way around the glass, but 11 inches is as wide as sticker paper goes, and I didn’t want to try to put two pieces together.

Adjust the print settings for glossy paper and printing an image, then place the printable sticker paper in the printer tray (make sure it is facing the correct direction) and press PRINT.

Step 3: Peel one edge of the sticker paper back about an inch, revealing a small strip of the sticky part.

application of sticker paper

Step 4: Place the sticker on the glass so that it is perfectly straight, then slowly peel back the paper, exposing more of the sticky surface as you press the sticker into place on the glass jar. I’ve found this to be by far the easiest way to apply a sticker so it doesn’t bubble.

clear sticker paper photo

Step 5: Once the sticker is applied, line the bottom of the jar with some paper strips, then add the spa treats or new kitchen gadgets or gift cards or chocolates or whatever YOUR mom likes.

DIY photo jar gift

I just saw the new spa themed section of goodies at Hobby Lobby and thought they were so pretty and exclusive I couldn’t resist grabbing them. Maybe I’ll have to go back and get a set for myself. The gold and white face roll? WISHES!!

You can fill this jar with just about anything – candy, chocolate, seed packets, fuzzy socks, art supplies. What does your mother love? Put it in this jar for a lovely presentation that will have her ooh-ing and aah-ing.

Another idea that I love is to add fairy lights inside the jar. This turns it from a container into a lovely glowing fixture.

fairy light photo jar

Don’t the blinkers make the picture look absolutely gorgeous?! I love it!

I wrapped my gift with cellophane, some lace and a pretty faux flower. You can also slide the glass into a cute gift bag.

mother's day gift picture jar

I also want to write my mother a gushing love letter to thank her for putting up with me all these years. LOL. Don’t forget the card, folks. Mom cares.

Anyway, it’s a fun photo gift idea and I really love how it turned out. Useful, sentimental, pampering mom a little… all the ingredients for a great Mother’s Day gift!

Video tutorial for Mother’s Day photo jar

This post was sponsored by Hobby Lobby. All ideas and opinions are my own.