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Bread Thank You Gift Printable Tag

Give a loaf of bread as a thank you gift and pair it with this cool printable thank you note.

I have a mega list of cute thank you gift ideas that I posted on my site years ago. It’s a wonderful gift-giving resource. I just love a good pun! It makes it easier and more fun to find something to give someone, especially when you want to say thank you with more than just a thank you note.

Recently I decided to make printables for some of my favorite gifts from that list. First up is bread because it is such a wonderful gift that people absolutely love to receive.

Here are the gift vouchers:

printable bread gift tag

The tag reads:

Thank you
to be there when it is kneaded
for RISING for the occasion,
for never LOAFING at work,
and to help others to HEAL.
No matter how you slice it,
you are doing a good job!

So many good bread games in one token of thanks! LOL. This one is good, guys.

If you want a really good recipe, this is the best homemade bread ever. And if you’re not the baking type or are pressed for time, buy a great loaf of bread from the store, add the label and you still have a really great thank you gift!

How to create the tags:

  • Click the blue button below.
  • Download the files. If you are on a school or work computer, it may not allow you to access the files. Try again at home on an unlimited computer.
  • Print the motif on white cardboard.
  • Cut the labels apart. It is set to print four to a page to prevent paper wastage. If you’re only giving out one gift, save the other three brands for another day.
  • Punch a hole in one corner and attach the note to a loaf of bread with a pretty ribbon.

This gift is cute and yummy and fun, which is a pretty great combination if you ask me. Enjoy!

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bread pun gift idea with printable tag