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Beads pearl cord covers

Add style to your headphones and keep them tangle-free by covering the cord with pearls.

Today I’m sharing a super easy craft that is really fun to make. I’m going to show you how to cover the cord of a set of headphones with colorful Perler beads, also called hama beads or melty beads.

Typically, you use this type of bead to create a flat design on a pin board, then iron it to fuse the beads together. But today we’re going to use them in a completely different way!

Not only does covering the cord make the headphones look bright and happy, but it helps keep the cord from getting tangled AND helps identify whose headphones are whose. I have no proof yet, but I also think it will help the cord last longer without breaking.

I love when a craft is cute and useful!

To make this craft, you only need a few things.

Materials needed

  • Perler Beads
  • Scissors
  • Headphones
  • Felt or a shallow dish
  • Needle nose pliers

I like to use a piece of felt to place my beads on as I work so they are less likely to roll away across my desk. You can use a small dish or plate or whatever you have to hold your beads. It’s optional, but helps.

Instructions for use

Step 1: Place the tip of a good pair of scissors in the pearl bead hole and cut a slit all the way through the bead.

headphone cord beads beads cut the bead

Step 2: Place the bead on the tip of the needle nose pliers and carefully pry open the slit a little bit.

Step 3: Place the bead on the headphone cord. The gap closes automatically and you will hardly even be able to see that it was cut. Continue adding beads until you have covered the entire wire to your liking. I stopped where the two wires split to go to each ear piece, but you can add bead beads to both of these wires as well, if desired.

how to add beads beads to headphone cords

It’s that simple!

I chose a rainbow pattern with a white bead between each color and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! But just think of all the different patterns and color combinations you can try. So many possibilities!

You can also do the same technique for charging wires etc as long as the wire fits into the bead hole. No more boring wires! Bead all the wires!

Beads Perler Bead Cord Cover video tutorial

I’ve rediscovered my love for pearl beads, so don’t be surprised if you see more crafts with them in the future.

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DIY beads beads wire covers tutorial