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This is our original review. We have been using this drivers education online course and wanted to give you our opinions on it.

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So I was recently having a conversation with my nephew about him taking drivers Ed in school. He is in the process of scheduling classes (It is early August 2016) and one of the classes his mom wants him to take is Drivers Ed. Like most parents, they want him to take it for safety reasons but they also will begin saving around 10% on their insurance each month. If you don’t know how expensive insurance is for a teenager then you might want to research it. A 10% reduction is HUGE over the course of 5-10 years.

With my job, I am sometimes asked to review different online companies and write a review based off of my personal experience. In the past, I have heard about online courses for drivers education but have not personally dealt with them. Well, with my nephew looking for an alternative to an actual class (he would rather take a fun elective), I began to do a little more research about the topic.

I discovered many different websites that offered some form of drivers education. Many were your typical read and study then take tests type courses but the one that stood out was It is more audio/visual which is really important in keeping a teenagers attention (at least with the ones in my family…haha).

Another really great part of is Jackson, my nephew, can still earn high school credits with this online class. It really is a win/win.

So, here is our person review. I have spent many hours with my nephew playing around and trying to learn along with him. A little spoiler alert….he really likes it!

What Is

Basically, with Drivers you can take your state approved drivers education courses online instead of having to go somewhere and sit in a regular class room. The courses are fully state approved in all most every state. They are fast, fun and interactive.

They are also updated regularly so that the information is up to date based on your individual state. Laws change sometimes. When they do, updates their course material as well.

Since everything is online, you don’t have to sit through boring lectures or presentations. You are able to study whenever you want wherever you want. All you need is an internet connection and a computer (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.)! - 3D Training Review – 3D Training also offers the following advantages:

  • High-quality video and our own 3-D case studies
  • Available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Industry professionals craft engaging materials that hold your attention
  • 50 free practice permit tests
  • Option to earn high school credit
  • An auto insurance discount of up to 10%!

What We Liked

When testing out this driving education course for my review, I found there are many features of that I really like, but the one thing I found I enjoyed the best was the 3D interactive case studies. I am older, but the video game like feel was pretty cool to use. This will help keep the younger students entertained. It’s great for the visual learner as well!

Another great part of is the ability to try the first two lessons for free. You can get started with your work without paying anything just to give it a try out. Then once you complete lesson 2, you can continue on by paying the small charge. You have already completed 20% of the course!

Yet another aspect I like is not even related to the course work. Getting a 10% discount on your insurance is great! Within a few months, you will earn back the money you spent on the course with just your insurance discount. The discount will continue forever. Check with your insurance agent for the discounts they will give you. Some could be higher!

There are other great reason to get but these are just my two personal favorites. Review - Earn School Credit – Earn School Credit

Our Review Dislikes

The one thing that we didn’t like about is the timer they have on each slide. As you click through the study slides, some of them have a timer on them so that you can’t turn the page until it gets to zero. This is to make sure you read through every slide or watch every video.

We found that on some slides, we were finished reading and still had to wait 10 seconds or more until we could move on.

Obviously, this isn’t a huge problem. It really is more of a nuisance than anything else but it is still something that we thought we should include. Other than that, we haven’t found anything else we would worry to much about. Review – Final Thoughts

After spending approximately four hours going through the material with my nephew, we came to the conclusion that this is a product almost all teenage and young adult drivers will like. It’s still a learning course though. So you have to spend the time and learn the material but the way this driver’s education course is setup, it’s easy to stay involved.

My nephew would work sometimes for an hour but other times only for 20 to 30 minutes. This is what makes it so much better than an actual class. Any time he felt like working on his drivers ed course, he would login and work. If something came up, he would just save his work. The next time he came back to it, it would start exactly where he left off. Perfect for a busy teenager!

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